- I gave my life to become the person I am right now.
Was it worth? -

Richard Bach, "One"




I believe you should not care about my personal background unless you have specific goals/dreams where I might be involved. Care first for your life and your universe!


- You can learn a lot about me, my dreams and intentions just by roaming on my web site

- Amongst career-related fulfillments, I'm a founding member of the Applied-GIS-RS mailing list.

- I'm also creator and maintainer of Alex's Remote Sensing Imagery Summary Table.

- My most recent geospatial project is slashgeo.org, a community-driven ad-free website for news and discussions about GIS, Remote Sensing and everything Geospatial.

- My Morganigram - an instropection and proaction tool.


Any inquiry should be sent to alexandre@leroux.net


Have a nice day!

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... some pictures! :)


In BoliviaIn French Guyana
Lago Titicaca, Bolivia


Amazonia, French Guyana


Beetroot in Ecuador's altiplano

In Morocco
North Africa, Morocco

In Guadaloupe Sometime in Guadaloupe..

Somewhere in Saguenay, Québec ! :) Au Saguenay !

.. Sailing down the St-Lawrence river ..

Sri Lanka

Caroline and I .~* a summer in Sri Lanka